10 This Work is Dangerous to the Lung

The lungs are one of the vital human organs. Without the lungs that work according to function, you will certainly experience a variety of serious health problems. So, you need to maintain good lung health.

However, did you know that your work could cause lung disease? Yes, certain types of professions are apparently a danger to the lungs. Does your job include? Check in the following list!

10 This Work is Dangerous to the Lung

1. Construction workers and construction workers

Reported by Asbestos Watch Perth, when building, renovating or demolishing buildings, workers are forced to live with dust, streets, and smoke that pollutes the air. Construction workers, supervisors, technicians, and other construction workers who frequently monitor the conditions in the field are at risk for lung cancer, asbestosis, and wet lung (pleural effusion). Wearing masks during work is a safe way to prevent respiratory distress later in life.

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