I am Leah Brinsmead, mother of three precious children and pharmaceutical in Plant City.

For some years now, I have been living the greatest adventure of my life as a large family mother.

I have a child of almost 6 years, a girl of 4 and a baby of 14 months (Nov 16)

Like you, I want to live my motherhood to the fullest, to enjoy with my children and to educate them, but at the same time, I want to reach my fullness of work and personal.

I have discovered after these years of experience with motherhood that you can not reach everything. So, I have decided to try and choose what to give up to get what I want.

Even so, I try to stretch the 24 hours of each day organizing very well and being a very very practical mother.

I want to accompany you and help you in whatever is possible to live your motherhood with fullness, a little good humour, much affection and no guilt. Throughout these years I have accumulated a good assortment of “tricks” and “tips” that facilitate and simplify my day to day with my children and my work and I hope to share them with you from these pages.

My goal is that this blog is a window to the world to talk about maternity, ageing, pregnancy, childbirth, babies, trying to provide useful tips and especially practical for day to day.