10 This Work is Dangerous to the Lung

The lungs are one of the vital human organs. Without the lungs that work according to function, you will certainly experience a variety of serious health problems. So, you need to maintain good lung health.

However, did you know that your work could cause lung disease? Yes, certain types of professions are apparently a danger to the lungs. Does your job include? Check in the following list!

10 This Work is Dangerous to the Lung

1. Construction workers and construction workers

Reported by Asbestos Watch Perth, when building, renovating or demolishing buildings, workers are forced to live with dust, streets, and smoke that pollutes the air. Construction workers, supervisors, technicians, and other construction workers who frequently monitor the conditions in the field are at risk for lung cancer, asbestosis, and wet lung (pleural effusion). Wearing masks during work is a safe way to prevent respiratory distress later in life.

2. Baker (bread and cake maker)

In the process of making bread and cookies, millions of dust from flour and other baking ingredients are felling in the air. When inhaled, you run the risk of having asthma or dust allergies. In fact, some studies show that bakers and bakers experience as many as 15% of cases of asthma in adults. So, make sure the air circulation in the room is smooth, and you always wear a mask when making bread and cookies.

3. Waiter or bartender

Who would have thought if the waiter and the bartender were enough danger to the lungs? The reason, waiters and bartenders at risk exposed to cigarette smoke diners full day. You too will become a passive smoker. Being a passive smoker for several years increases your risk of developing lung cancer.

4. Textile workers

Working as a worker in a textile factory makes you susceptible to a disease of Byssinosis. Respiratory disorders are caused by dust from cotton, hemp, sisal, and other textile-producing materials that are inhaled through the nose. Symptoms include a dry cough and chest tightness.

5. Kapster salon

Kapster is a trimmer or hairdresser who works in a beauty salon or studio. This job is a hazard to the lungs because, during work, the Kapster will inhale fine particles of hair care products such as hair spray and hair dye. Besides, some products to straighten hair contain formaldehyde, which is one of the carcinogenic substances (cancer triggers) that can be inhaled into the lungs.

6. Health worker

If you think that work at a hospital or clinic is the safest, you’re wrong. Health workers such as doctors and nurses are particularly vulnerable to lung diseases such as tuberculosis, flu, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Health workers are also at risk of developing asthma because the gloves that must be worn when working are made of latex.

7. Fire brigade

Fire suits and equipment have been designed in such a way as to protect the body from various things. However, the smoke, dust, and various chemicals mixed in the air because fires can still cause lung disease. So, living a healthy lifestyle is one powerful way to maintain lung health if you work as a fireman.

8. Mining workers

Workers in mining are susceptible to asthma, bronchitis, and black lung. These chronic diseases are caused by exposure to coal dust, sand, and other fine materials in the air. Working in a mine for years may increase the risk of fibrosis to death from lung disease.

9. Farmers and ranchers

Farmers in the countryside seem to be free from harmful chemical pollution of the lungs. However, farmers and ranchers are not free from the dangers that may affect the lungs. Because the powders of straw and rice are inhaled, every day can cause organic dust poisoning (organic dust toxic syndrome), asthma, cough, and chest feel tight.

10. Factory workers

The factory worker is a work that is a danger to the lungs because you may inhale gas, dust, chemicals, and pollution in the workplace every day. As a result of these exposures, you are susceptible to a chronic cough or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Make sure you are always careful when operating chemical processing machines and wearing masks while in the factory.